2016: A Look Back at the Year

As I was going over my books from 2016, I was excited to see some fun projects that I was part of during the last year. The memories stirred an excitement for this coming year! Audiobook Narration I was honored to be part of several new works from author Matthew Paulson. This year, I was honored to be part of three of his new books: The Ten Year Turnaround (The … Continue Reading

The iPhone Incident

Dean came into the house and he was crying. Half scared half upset. “I am going to be in trouble!” He bawled. “Why buddy?” “I dropped the iPhone” he cried, pulling it into view, it was cracked in many places. “I’m in trouble.” Big tears on a red face. “What happened bud?” “It fell out of my hand when I was walking in the house!” He explained. (Truth be told, … Continue Reading

Comparison Traps

He was mad. Not in a fun way either. He was ticked that he couldn’t draw like I could. My 10 year old was struggling with the drawing app we put on his iPhone. (its our old iPhone 4 that only has games and messenger on it) We loaded an app on there because he saw dad drawing and wanted to draw too. He considers himself an artist. He wants to be … Continue Reading

Books Read 2014

Every year, I try to keep an accurate list of books I have read during the last 365 days. This year, I wanted to pass on my list just in case there are some that might be of interest to you. Most of these I completely finished, there are a couple that I left incomplete, or are still in the process of reading (which would technically make them 2015 books!). … Continue Reading

Seasons Change: On Eleven Years of Marriage

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” ~Henry Ford A couple Sundays ago, we celebrated eleven years of marriage. It was a good day with not much pomp and circumstance. We celebrated with dinner at Logan’s (a family favorite), and Dean and I shared a mountain of ice cream and hot fudge brownie that Lisa wouldn’t touch. She was the wise one actually, I … Continue Reading