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Every year, I try to keep an accurate list of books I have read during the last 365 days. This year, I wanted to pass on my list just in case there are some that might be of interest to you.
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Most of these I completely finished, there are a couple that I left incomplete, or are still in the process of reading (which would technically make them 2015 books!).

I broke the list into three sections – Listened to, Kindle books and Regular books. I have found that I don’t retain as much while reading on a Kindle, but it is super handy, and cheaper then having stacks of paperbacks. I just have to be diligent about keeping notes, which I do in Evernote.

Stu’s Books Read 2014


Wild Mind – Natalie Goldberg
Eat Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert
Face The Music – Paul Stanley


No Brand is an Island – Robert D. Smith
Messages – John Michael Hileman
Fat Vampire – Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt
Wool – Hugh Howey
Conversations with Carlin – Larry Getlen
Choose Yourself – James Altucher
Writing Habit Mastery – Steve Scott
Money Words – Ray Edwards
How To Write a Non Fiction Ebook in 21 Days – Steve Scott
Creativity Inc – Ed Catmull
The Good News About Marriage – Shaunti Feldhahn
Secrets Of The Secret Place – Bob Sorge
Eyes of Integrity: The Porn Pandemic and How It Affects You ( Resource)
Pure Eyes – Craig Gross
Secrets of Dynamic Communications – Ken Davis
Clean – Doug Weiss
Master Evernote – Steve Scott
How to Write, Format, Publish and Promote your Book (Without Spending Any Money) – Derek Murphy
Podcasting Good to Great – Jared Easley
Fathered By God – John Eldgredge (some)
Baptism of Love – Leif Hetland
Sonship: A Journey into the Fathers Heart – James Jordan
Completely His: Loving Jesus Without Limits – Shannon Ethridge
Dialogue with God – Mark Virkler
The Lost Art of Practicing His Presence – James Goll (not finished)
Write Publish Repeat (most) – Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt
Writing Online (most) – Sean Platt


Good Morning – Dick B.
By the Power of God – Dick B.
Launch – Jeff Walker
Decisive – Chip and Dan Heath
Wealthy Speaker 2.0 –  Jane Atkinson
Experiencing God Bible Study – Henry Blackaby
If You Want to Walk On Water, You Have to Get Out of the Boat (still reading) – John Ortberg


What did you read in 2014?

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Stu is a voiceactor and Audiobook Narrator based in Nashville, TN. He is husband to Lisa and a Dad to the coolest 11 year old on the planet. He is a book lover and Batman Fan.

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