What People are Saying about Stu…

Chris Shannon, John Tesh Radio

Stu has great insight.. a fresh voice…and he possesses an endless pool of creative ideas!

Megan Muir, PDC Productions

Stu was incredible work to with! Great voice, friendly guy, and very accommodating. At a live event, you depend on your announcer to adjust to last minute changes. Stu accommodated changes like a pro with a positive attitude and the finesse you need that doesn’t alert your audience to a change in plan. He was exceptional.

Ike Wingate, Wingate Media

Stu is great to work with and very creative! He is always able to think outside of the box and give you a different perspective on a challenge.

Audiobook Reviews from Audible.com

The Ten Year TurnaroundFrom Listener Jemel:

Stu was remarkable. I felt like Stu was talking directly to me and not reading from a podium. That’s the energy I need while driving. I’ve listened to too many books that put me to sleep because the narrator is dry.


From Listener Benjamin:

“Great content, awesome narrator!”
A great, practical book for any man looking to grow in faith in his daily life. This book really hit home with me on so many levels.
I also thought the narration was excellent–the tone and the energy were just perfect for this book.


From Listener Jessica:
“I wish Andy himself would have narrated the book…”
…But, Stu did a great job. The book was wonderful and full of great info. It really made me think. Even if u don’t think u can commit to the one year plan, it’s an amazing learning tool. As a mom, it also gave me some great advice to pass on. Things I wish I was told, and things I wish someone would have told the boys I had dated. And if u don’t like it, as Andy wrote himself, there’s always ebay lol.

From Listener Nicole:
“Life Changing”
…He sounded more of a concerned father who was giving his daughter advice about how to have a great intimate relationship. Be the person you want to date!! I also liked the narrator…he had a youthful pep to his voice!!

Review from PerryMartinBookReviews.wordpress.com:

Psychologist Kevin Leman’s book published by Thomas Nelson on Brilliance Audio and Narrated by Stu Gray is a must listen.
Stu Gray’s voice brings the jovial nature of the author to life. Within seconds of starting this audiobook I was laughing out loud. The stories and life lessons some taught and some learned by Kevin Leman are shared with a fatherly love and compassion. This tone is properly presented by Stu Gray.
Being a Father to your Daughter is a high calling and one that needs to be taken seriously. Leman uses humor and scriptural insight to bring his wisdom and experience to the listener. This is an audiobook that can be listened to on a road trip with the whole family or while walking or driving to work. This is good information for men, woman, sons, daughters or anyone planning on becoming a parent.
Christians and Non-Christians alike can find Gold in this audiobook and I highly recommend this and any other audiobook Author Kevin Leman and Narrator Stu Gray produce with confidence.