The iPhone Incident

Dean came into the house and he was crying.
Half scared half upset.

“I am going to be in trouble!” He bawled.

“Why buddy?”

“I dropped the iPhone” he cried, pulling it into view, it was cracked in many places.

“I’m in trouble.”
Big tears on a red face.

“What happened bud?”

“It fell out of my hand when I was walking in the house!” He explained.

(Truth be told, it’s one of our old phones, and the cover he chose, both Lisa and I knew that if it took ONE good spill it would be over.)

“Buddy, we all have accidents. We all make mistakes. You are ok, and I love you.”

The interesting thing to me was that he immediately then said:
“How do I make a better case for the phone?!”

Many times, I think worldly repentance is about being sorry you got caught.
But I think Godly repentance leads to a different behavior.
The first can lead to condemnation.
The other to conviction to be better and do better.

I easily could have yelled or screamed (which I may have done on a different day), but this day I showed love and compassion to my child for his mistake and accident…
And it led to different behavior… An awareness and a change.

Very interesting

About Stu Gray

Stu is a voiceactor and Audiobook Narrator based in Nashville, TN. He is husband to Lisa and a Dad to the coolest 11 year old on the planet. He is a book lover and Batman Fan.

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